Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children by Lynne Namka Ed. D.

Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children

Book Title: Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1500974471

Author: Lynne Namka Ed. D.

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Lynne Namka Ed. D. with Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children

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Do you want your child to be happy, successful and emotional stable? Teach them! People in tune with their Emotional Intelligence interpret and use their feelings to think and act appropriately to meet the needs of the social situation. Emotional Intelligence is said to be more important than IQ in becoming successful in relationships, careers and life. Here are lesson Plans which will give them the skills that they will need: Regulating stress, anxiety and anger. Having empathy, understanding and being tolerant of others. Learning self-soothing and stress management techniques to handle emotional distress. Being conscientious and demonstrating self-discipline and hard work. Help your child learn these all important life skills with these easy activities that promote the skills necessary for happiness in life. Your investment in teaching your children how to get along with others will give him valuable life management skills!